TM International Export Management assists clients in limiting their business activities exclusively to Indiana. The company also performs the outsourced management, accounting, tax and general administrative services necessary to operate an IC-DISC for any client that may operate within and/or without Indiana.

    An IC-DISC provides a permanent tax savings opportunity for qualifying U.S. exporters. Many owner-managed exporting businesses can realize substantial tax savings by forming an IC-DISC. If your business is based in the U.S. and regularly exports products or qualifying services, an IC-DISC could provide substantial benefit.


The personnel of TM International Export Management have the professional backgrounds and IC-DISC management experience that enables them to serve as independent directors and corporate officers of IC-DISCs, focusing on establishing and directing all IC-DISC business activities solely within the state of Indiana.

Management, Tax and Administrative Services

The corporate management and administrative services provided by TM International Export Management to all its clients include:

  • Incorporation and entity creation services, including the dissolution of prior IC-DISC entities
  • Corporate management and governance oversight, including the management and hosting of shareholder, board and management committee meetings whenever required
  • Preparation of Indiana biennial reports, other tax filings and/or tax returns as needed
  • General ledger accounting, preparation of trial balances, and workpaper maintenance
  • Bank account management, commission and distribution processing, and similar treasury related oversight
  • Maintenance and storage of all corporate records including original incorporation documentation, supplier agreements, corporate minute books, loan documentation, and all other corporate documentation

Complete Office Facilities and Services

TM International Export Management provides subleased office space for our IC-DISC clients to have a valid, exclusive Indiana business office address. The subleased office space is accompanied by the use of conference room facilities as may be required. Telephone service and answering service are also arranged, as well as mail forwarding services.

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